New Replica Watches without Date Windows Right

August 4, 2018 Off By admin

There are a large number of good arguments about pure aesthetics, legibility, and quality of design, but having the date easily accessible on your wrist is a very practical thing, even in the age of the smartphone. The key is executing the complication right, and luckily there are some brands doing just that. Here are several replica watches with date windows of various kinds that you should give a different look and impression.
Yes, I know that the vintage replica Audemars Piguet is not so cheap in price, and I know that I only choose expensive watches for these round-ups, and yes I know it is pretentious and annoying. BUT I can’t help that I think AP makes a good replica watch with a good date window. While most enthusiasts hate on the date window, I relish in them. Why wouldn’t I? Sometimes I need to know the date and I would love to read it on my wrist. The key to their success in creating a good date display is discretion.
The amazing replica Bell & Ross does an excellent job with their date windows, which manage the difficult balance of providing legibility. the same compliment could be paid to many of Bell & Ross’s watches. The basic idea here is to make the date small, to have its typography and coloration match the other elements of the dial as much as possible, and to provide information without detracting from the design. The largely ETA-based output of the replica Bell & Ross may not offer much in terms of world-changing horology, but I do think that this brand, particularly with its round watches, does offer some of the finest watch design at its price point in modern watchmaking.
There are many different ways to do the date window, but they all seem to fall into one of three basic approaches. First, you can simply treat it as another piece of information the fake watch is intended to deliver, in which case you make it big enough to be legible, put it at 3:00 as custom dictates, and think no more about it. The second is to treat it as a necessary evil – in a new version of a much loved vintage model that had no date, your marketing department tells you the watch will sell better with a date, so you put it in but try to make it as unobtrusive as possible.
The third approach is to treat it as an essential part of the overall design of the watch, and to integrate it properly into the overall design. This is by far the rarest thing to see, and since the debut of the Lange 1 in 1994, the replica omega has consistently led the industry in terms of well-integrated date displays. While the new Saxonia Outsize Date doesn’t have the sheer dynamism of the Lange 1, it is, like the Lange 1, an object lesson in how well a date window can be incorporated into the overall dial composition, so that it successfully becomes part of a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
As far as I am concerned, this replica watch strikes the perfect balance with its date window. The date neither interrupts the overall layout of the dial nor does it look like the designer tried to hide it somewhere to appeal to everyone at once.